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"WildigWeb offer a very personalised service not found elsewhere. Highly professional and very efficient translation of ideas to reality. The Laceta Technology web site has been a highly successful portal for prospective and existing customers wishing to access information or get in touch with us. I would thoroughly recommend WildigWeb for anyone requiring a good web site, good on-going support and value for money."

Glynn Van-de-Velde,
Sales and Marketing Director,

Lacerta Technology Ltd.

"Everything looks great, we are very pleased! Thank you very much Martin for all your help and guidance on this our first website.

Having been in business for almost 20 years I have always put this off because of the thought of dread of trying to get my head around something very complicated to arrange, and in fact you made it a pleasure! We love the results!

Myself and Aaron will not hesitate to recommend your services to our friends and buisness associates and will keep you informed of our progress. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Kevin and Aaron Hardy,
Hardys Home Improvements

"From the outset we knew WildigWeb would create the purrr-fect website for us: WildigWeb listened to our ideas and, using their technical and design skills, made them a physical reality. WildigWeb enthusiasm for the project was, and still remains, inspiring: they painstakingly created the sword lock, found the tiger/keyhole feature, suggested the eyes on the opening page and created the cat-print border – amongst many other things.

If there was something we weren’t quite sure about WildigWeb would work on other options for us – nothing was, or is, too much trouble to alter. WildigWeb reminds us when pages need updating and is always suggesting ideas for improvement to keep the site 'live'.

I would recommend WildigWeb as your web-page creator as along with the technical know-how he also offers a caring and personal service.

on behalf of Whip the Cat Rapper

Whip the Cat Rapper

"We were (and still are) delighted with the website WildigWeb designed for our event - the Dancing England Rapper Tournament (DERT) 2007 held in Nottingham in March 2007.

We wanted a helpful, accessible, informative, colourful and in parts, humorous source of information for DERT. Well, we got all that and so much more.

Most websites for past DERT's contained a certain amount of information leading up to the event, then after it, they either closed down altogether or are left 'frozen in time' . Ours was not such a static beast. It has regularly been updated with news and information - competition rules, accommodation, booking forms, maps, weekend schedules. People came to rely on it and access it frequently for updates. We found it linked to by most Rapper teams' own websites and other related sites. Just a few days before the event, the competition timetables were downloadable from it and many teams arrived with their own copies and well prepared with information for the weekend's activities.

And now, afterwards, the website, hasn't stood still. The scores have been added, comments, and lots of photographs. And it will continue to evolve with added testimonials and links.

We received very favourable feedback from a great number of people. We have found people talking on discussion groups informing each other of updates to the site - 'There's some great photos up on the website'. Other quotes include:
  • 'Very professional and informative'
  • 'Fantastic website!'
  • 'Who did your website? It's excellent!'
  • 'I knew it was going to be a great DERT as soon as I saw the website'
Thank you WildigWeb for designing, creating and maintaining this masterpiece and for patiently putting up with all our requests for added bits and changes. We must have driven you mad!

Linda Hewing,
on behalf of the DERT 2007 Organising Committee

DERT 2007

"When Mortimer's Morris decided to have a website it was back in the days when not many Morris sides had them. We had some ideas for the look and content of the site but no real knowledge on how to achieve it on my basic Uni-learnt knowledge of writing websites – we are talking pre- millennium here!!

Luckily we knew of WildigWeb! We sat down and planned the look of the site, which was particularly important, and the content for each page. After a few weeks of looking at different versions WildigWeb presented us with just the design we wanted.

Over the years the site has been regularly upgraded and updated to keep it fresh. The most exciting upgrade was the passworded members section where we could store information 'for the team's eyes only'. This has been very useful for the secretary of the team as a quick and easy way to keep members informed of any new bookings of last minute details.

Thanks to WildigWeb the Mortimer's Morris website keeps the world informed of who we are, how to contact us and what we're up to!

Nicola Rushton,
Former Secretary, Mortimer's Morris

Mortimer's Morris

"Congratulations. Many thanks for your hard work and diligence."

Keith Baker,

"Le Bal-en-Rouge" French Music & Dance Session, Ockbrook

The following further comments were also received from regular attendants of "Le Bal-en-Rouge"...

"Site looks good ... wasn't expecting it to be up that soon!" - S.S-J., Derbyshire
"Congratulations, A great site. Well done. You must be quite proud of it." - A.C., Lincolnshire
"Excellent website - very informative and some great photos." - S.W., Warwickshire
"What a great website you have." - J.T., Derbyshire
"What a great new website." - S.A., Birmingham