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1.WildigWeb reserves the right to charge £50 for the production of a detailed specification. This payment is non-refundable, but will be deducted from the overall cost if you decide to go ahead with having the site created.

2.Before any programming begins, a deposit of one third of the total cost of the website will be paid. Also before any programming begins, an email or written letter will be sent to confirm that you are happy for your website to be created to the agreed spec for the agreed price.

3.By paying the deposit you are confirming that you agree to the Terms & Conditions stated on this page.

4.Once WildigWeb believes the website has been created in accordance with the agreed spec, you will be invoiced for the second third of the total cost.

5.Once any final alterations have been made, confirmation by email or written letter will be required to confirm that you are happy for the website to go live. WildigWeb will then put the site live and invoice you for the remainder of the payment.

6.Payment is to be made by cheque payable to "M.Wildig". Cheques are to be sent to the address given on the Contact page.

7.Payment will be made within 2 weeks of the date stated on the invoice.

8.The copy for your site will be provided by you.

9.WildigWeb is totally against any forms of prejudice and reserves the right not to work on any projects whose content it considers to be offensive or showing prejudice towards any group.

10.Unless you have opted to use the WildigWeb Digital Photography Service, you will provide the original images to be used on your website.

11.WildigWeb will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright laws on any copy or images you provide for inclusion in your website.

12.WildigWeb will not be held responsible for any errors in text, content or images displayed on your website where the information displayed matches that which you have provided.

13.Websites are tested for compatability on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. WildigWeb endeavours to provide compatibility with other browsers, but this cannot be guaranteed, particularly with less widely used browsers.

14.Completed sites will display a small banner, provided by WildigWeb, stating that the site was created by WildigWeb and linking through to the WildigWeb website in a new window. This banner will not be removed without the permission of WildigWeb.


Home Page

The opening page of a website.

Subsequent Page

A page navigated to from the Home Page via a graphic or text link.