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Q1.I'd like to go ahead and order a website. What do I need to do now?
If you'd like to order a website, but you're not sure what you want it to look like and need some guidance, then click here.

If you're ready to go ahead and order a website, there's a few things you need to have thought about before you contact WildigWeb.

Then, before WildigWeb can make a start on your site, you need gather together all the following information:

  • How many pages the site will have and what their titles are to be.
  • What colours you want your website to use.
  • Your logo in electronic format (If you only have it in printed format, WildigWeb can scan it for you).
  • Images to go on your site in electronic format (If you don't have a digital camera, WildigWeb can take some for you) and where they are to go.
  • The text you want to go on each page.

Once you've got all that information together, contact WildigWeb.
Q2.I'd like to order a website, but I'm not sure what I want it to look like and need some guidance.
No problem, just contact WildigWeb. We'll discuss your needs and come up with a plan for a website that's right for you. You don't need to have any technical knowledge, as WildigWeb will take care of that side of it for you.

Once we've made a plan for your website, just gather together all the information and images you want to show on it and we'll take it from there.

We can either discuss it by email, phone or, if you're local to Loughborough, we can meet up to discuss it.
Q3.I'd like some photos to go on my website, but I don't have a digital camera. What can I do?
No problem, WildigWeb has a digital camera and can visit you on-site to take photos to be used on your website.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is only available within a 10 mile radius of Loughborough.
Q4.I have some printed photos and documents I'd like to go on my website, but I don't have a scanner. What can I do?
No problem, WildigWeb has a digital scanner and can convert photos and documents provided by you into a digital format.
Q5.Where will my website be hosted?
If you already have some webspace, your site can be uploaded into it. In order to do this WildigWeb will need details of where it is, your username and password.

If you don't currently have webspace, or want it held somewhere other than your current webspace, WildigWeb recommends you sign up with one of the following host companies...

PlusNet broadband.

Click HERE to visit the Plusnet website.


If you're just looking for some webspace to host your website at a very good price, WildigWeb recommends TwentyHost's "Basic Shared Hosting Plan" which is only £24/YEAR (that's only £2/month!). You even get a domain name included as part of the deal!

Click HERE for details of this hosting package.

WildigWeb has several clients using this package and has been very impressed with their service, their reliability and their technical support.

If you DO decide to go with TwentyHost for the hosting your site, WildigWeb would be very grateful if you'd enter the referral code on the sign-up form as M001 (that's 1 letter and 3 numbers).

Q6.What is the normal procedure for getting my website up and running?
After initial discussions with you about the appearance and content of your website, WildigWeb will come up with a spec for your site.

WildigWeb will then discuss this spec with you and make any alterations to it if needed before giving you a quote for the work.

Once the spec and price has been agreed, a deposit of one third of the total price and an email or written letter stating that you're happy for work to commence in accordance with the agreed spec is then required from you before any programming takes place.

WildigWeb will then create the site, keeping you regularly informed of it's progress.

Once WildigWeb believes the site has been created in line with the agreed spec, you will be sent an invoice for the second third of the total cost. WildigWeb will then ask you to view the site and state any further alterations required.

Once any final alterations have been made, you be asked to send WildigWeb another email or written letter to confirm that you are happy for the site to go live. WildigWeb will then put the site live and invoice you for the remaining third of the payment.
Q7.How do I go about paying for my website?
Payment is by cheque payable to "M.Wildig". Cheques are to be sent to the address given on the Contact page.